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Quality Hardwood Flooring
from Our Washington DC Area Team

Hardwood flooring is noted for being among the longest-lasting flooring options you can get for your Washington DC area home. If you're looking to get quality hardwood flooring products professionally installed in your home, call Bath & Floor Stiles. Our dependable flooring company provides unbeatable services for a price that works with any budget.

Our Hardwood Flooring Products

  • Solid Hardwood Flooring: 100% hardwood boards nailed or stapled over a wood subfloor.
  • Engineered Wood Flooring: Real wood over a plywood base. This type of flooring can be glued, stapled, or nailed to the subfloor.
  • Speciality Wood Flooring: Patterns (think herringbone and chevron), handmade flooring, distressed flooring, organic flooring, and more.
  • Exotic Wood Flooring: Hardwoods from around the world like Brazillian Cherry, Teak, Kempas, Rosewood, and more.
  • Wood Wallcovering: Wood is not just for the floor anymore; Accent a wall with textured, flat, or 3D wood panels.

Sales & Installation Services

At Bath & Floor Stiles, we can handle the sale and installation of all your flooring needs. Whether you choose specialty or standard hardwood, engineered or floating, laminate plank or tile, we have you covered. Trust our experienced team to handle your flooring job from start to finish.

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Benefits of Getting Hardwood Floors for Your Home

Hardwood flooring is more than a beautiful flooring option: It's also one of the smartest investments you could make for your home. After all, with hardwood floors, you'll be able to enjoy the following benefits, just to name a few:

  • Excellent longevity—upwards of a century
  • Stunning array of natural colors and textures
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Unbeatable durability
  • Non-fading color

Look to Us for All of Your Flooring Needs

Whether you're looking to get hardwood flooring for your home or any other kind of flooring option, you can count on our Washington DC area flooring contractors to provide top-quality products and services at a great price. Give us a call today to get a free quote for any of the products we have to offer.

Our Hardwood Flooring Manufacturers

Anderson Tuftex
Palmetto Road
PG Model

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