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At Bath & Floor Stiles Inc., we strive to be a resource for local Washington DC homeowners. We provide new flooring and remodeling articles every month so be sure to check back monthly to check out the new articles!

Tips for Important Ways to Avoid Picking the Wrong Paint Color

There are always plenty of articles floating around about how to pick the right paint color. Sometimes it is about making sure you are able to just avoid selecting the wrong hue. Learning important tips for avoiding picking poor paint colors is the key to success.... (read more)

Tips for Making the Most of Remodeling Small Bathrooms

If you have been considering embarking on a remodeling project, you want to make the largest impact possible. Any remodeling project is a great opportunity to increase your family's enjoyment of your home. In a remodeling project, you can improve your home both functionally and aesthetically. No place is more suited to achieving these goals than the bathroom... (read more)

Hardwood Flooring Essentials: What You Need To Know

Nothing creates a beautiful room environment quite like hardwood floors. Hardwood has a distinctive, natural look that is unsurpassed anywhere in the industry. Hardwood has a distinctive... (read more)

Maintaining Your Hardwood Floor

While there are many modern types of flooring nowadays, Washington, DC hardwood flooring is an old favorite of many. It has a natural look and feel to it that no other floor covering has. Also it is very easy to clean and maintain and it can be refinished many times ... (read more)

The Advantages of Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile flooring is one of the most durable surfaces used as flooring in both residential and commercial applications. However, one does not get the idea that ceramic tile, when used in a commercial setting, was made for that setting because of its beauty. One cannot tell ... (read more)

Things to Know About Hardwood vs Laminate

I can't deny that wood floors are lovely to look at, warm and inviting, but the same effect can be obtained with laminate wood for a lot less money and headaches! And in many cases laminate wood may be the better choice. Not only does it look like "wood", under most situations it wil ... (read more)

Flooring - To Add Value and Look to Your Home

Flooring in any room adds to its look and decor immensely. In fact if done aptly the flooring is a sure shot way of adding to the home decor and aesthetic value. The Washington DC flooring can now get altered or fixed with minimum cluttering and ease with the various options available ... (read more)

Choose Flooring That is Long Lasting and Enhancing

Washington DC flooring is a way of strengthening the floor of any room depending on the type one uses. The flooring in fact offers a neat, finished look to any home's decor. Decorating the roof with POP or walls with any such creative and decorative pieces of art is not enough. It is the flooring, which adds amply to the entire look of any room ... (read more)

How to Choose the Right Modern Tile For Your Home

With all the new designs constantly hitting the Washington DC tile flooring market, searching for the right tile for your bathroom or kitchen can seem a bit overwhelming. Take a deep breath.....today I am going to share with you some helpful hints to get you on the right path ... (read more)


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